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A language course has no age limit!

A language course has no age limit!

Often one or the other asks the question "Is there a time when one is too old to learn a new language"? The experts and we as ILS language school and with our Language course Basel, Language course Bern, Language course Solothurn and Language school Zurich say no to that. 

The truth is that there is no perfect time to learn a language and from our language schools ILS Berne, ILS Aarau, ILS Solothurn, ILS Zurich and ILS Basel to make use of. Each age group has its advantages and disadvantages. It's just that children learn in a fun and natural way without noticing learning, while adults are better learners. Because of this, it may seem like children learn a language faster and easier. However, adults are more confident and therefore more active and ambitious.

There are many advantages to learning a language after reaching a certain age than learning it at a young age. For example, you are more motivated, there is an excluded communication and the will is much stronger than at a young age. These are just a few advantages of many why there is no age restriction for a Language course gives. In short, maturity is a great resource when learning a new language.

With a language course you will not only learn a new language!

Our brains continue to develop as we age. It doesn't stop developing when we're already 50, 60 or even 70 candles out on the birthday gate. The more we learn, the more our brain develops. There is no right age to learn a new language (or anything else)! In summary; you can learn a language at any age in a Language course learn! 

Not only does bilingualism help keep your brain active, but it can also improve your social interactions. A new language and a Language course can open up a whole new world for seniors because you can learn a new language and a new culture at the same time. You also have the opportunity to watch movies in your second language without having to make use of subtitles. If you think you are already too old to learn something new, it is time to prove this wrong. Learn today with our Language course a new language and benefit from its long-term advantages.