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Description & Target price:

In a private course, you profit to a great extent from the time spent in class and decide on your own which areas of emphasis are set in the course. You can choose between private lessons as a one-to-one course or in a group of two or three, which you form yourself.

Our experienced teachers design the lessons according to your wishes. You decide when and how often the course should take place. Book one of our lesson packages and use your lessons when it suits you best. More flexibility is not possible!


You can individually choose the times of your lessons.


You can individually choose the teaching days of your lessons.

Course content:

You personally determine the course content according to your needs. We are happy to prepare you for internationally recognised certificate examinations. These include:

  • Examinations of the Goethe-Institut
  • Telc exams
  • and more

On request, the course content includes:

  • Basic knowledge "country, people, culture" of the chosen language
  • Conversations, discussions
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Grammar exercises
  • Phrasal composition and structure
  • Use of times and cases
  • Spelling
  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Travel conversations and vocabulary

Sign up:

You can personally sign up on site or via online contact form

Course duration:

The duration of the course can be determined individually. One lesson lasts 45 minutes.


50 CHF per lower level, which includes 1 course book

Private Tuition Prices

Your German course in private lessons

parcelspricePrice per lesson
10 lessons packageCHF 590.-CHF 59.-
20 lessons packageCHF 1'140.-CHF 57.-
30 lessons packageCHF 1'650.CHF 55.-
40 lessons packageCHF 2'120.CHF 53.-
50 lessons packageCHF 2'550.CHF 51.-
60 lessons packageCHF 2'940.-CHF 49.-

Semi-private tuition prices:

Your German course in a group of two (group must be formed by yourself)

parcelsPrice per personPrice per lesson
10 lessons packageCHF 400.-CHF 40.-
20 lessons packageCHF 760.-CHF 38.-
30 lessons packageCHF 1'080.-CHF 36.-
40 lessons packageCHF 1'360.-CHF 34.-
50 lessons packageCHF 1'600.CHF 32.-
60 lessons packageCHF 1'800.CHF 30.-

Trio private lessons prices:

Your German course in a group of three (group must be formed by yourself)

parcelsPrice per personPrice per lesson
10 lessons packageCHF 320.-CHF 32.-
20 lessons packageCHF 600.-CHF 30.-
30 lessons packageCHF 840.-CHF 28.-
40 lessons packageCHF 1040.-CHF 26.-
50 lessons packageCHF 1200.-CHF 24.-
60 lessons packageCHF 1320.-CHF 22.-